Mental Health Carnival

Mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed off, I should know. 

The Mental Health Carnival is a chance to share experiences and learn more about what people go through, plus its great therapy to write about it.

A different blogger will host it each month. If you would like to host one leave a comment below with a way to contact you.

January- In a Bun Dance - Read it here

February 27th -  Mrs Shorties Mind - Read it here 

March 26th - Liberal England  - Read it here

April 27th - Slummy Single Mummy  - Read it here

May 28th - Touch and Tickle 

June 25th - Mrs TeePot 

July 23rd - Discontented Mother


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  1. Hi, I would be happy to host one, although not exactly sure what I would need to do! My blog is: and my email is

  2. I might be interested, I tend not to talk about my relationship with my poorly brain so maybe it's time to give it a go.

    1. Email me and we can set something up

  3. hi, carol, i'd love to help out and host one month
    look forward to hearing from you

  4. Howdy, What a brilliant idea. I'll host soon as I know what hosting means! Love to help in anyway I can. My blog is at and you can contact me via that...does that work for you?

  5. I would be happy to host one but would like to know what I need to do! My email is

  6. If anyone has any posts for the March Carnival on Liberal England please send them to me:


  7. Please send me further info, as I may be interested to use my personal experiences - and with a dash of humour which helps me and, I know, others to relax and talk.
    I have already worked for the 'Time to Change' Campaign as a volunteer media rep, but also as a train the trainer. My email is:

    Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day - and don't do anything I would! =o)