Friday, 14 September 2012

Just Wait for the F*cking Green Man

There is one thing that annoys me more than anything and that’s people not waiting for the green man at crossings especially when I have BG with me.

From a very young age I have told BG we must wait for the green man, people gave me strange looks telling this to a newborn baby but at 3 years old she know to wait for the green man. She even tells people off that doesn't wait and warns them that they will go on the naughty list and get no presents!

There are two situations when it really, really annoys me.

  1. When BG is with at a crossing, I am trying to teach my child road safety and you just go and run across the road undermining everything I am trying to teach her. WAIT FOR THE GREEN MAN!
  2. Parents running across the road with their children and not waiting for the green man. What on earth are you teaching your children??? I don’t care how clear the road looks, cars whizz around corners all of the time. Do you want your child to get hurt or even killed? WAIT FOR THE GREEN MAN

You are probably wondering what set this rant off. On my way home from town today I was at the crossing (waiting for the green man) and two mothers with young children in buggies decided not to wait and were narrowly missed being hit by a car that was speeding around the corner.



  1. My fiance is terrible for crossing the road without waiting. I hate crossing without waiting. So from now on I am going to make sure that he waits for the green man! Perhaps I shall show him this post..then he will stop!

  2. No, this is one of my many, many pet peeves.And I have been known to make snide remarks at people, particularly the older generation for not waiting.I saw a man cross with his 3 children last Summer on a red light.The youngest child was on his shoulders!!!! Rant away!

  3. I hate this. The other day I was at a crossing on my own with a mum, grandma and a little girl about Joseph's age, 3. Waiting and waiting, they said "oh why aren't you going, we're waiting because of our little girl" I smiled and said "same reason, I'm waiting for her too, and for me, no green man, no cross" and they were so happy.

    What is worth that extra 30 seconds that you'd risk your life. In Oz they have on the spot fines for $50 if you do it, and that works really well. People do get charged all the time.

  4. What really annoys me (as the good girl who always crossed right in any type of crossing but still got ran over in a pedestrian crossing by a twit travelling a high speed in a calmed traffic area) is that waiting at a pedestrian crossing to cross safely is not seen as cool or wise anymore. People in fact do look at me weird when I wait, when it is supposed to be me who is doing the normal, sensible thing.

    If my child doesn't learn to cross properly, I will happily get out any scary photos of the time of the accident, but to be honest the pain that hits me sometimes should be enough to stop her misbehaving for life! I do sometimes wish I could go up to other people, put a photo in their face and say look this is what happens when you actually do it correctly and being safe, imagine what would happen if, on top of it, you were to be hit being dangerous like you are right now.

    I may have to start my own campaign one day since the government doesn't seem to.

    Rant over but THANK YOU for the post! I'll share it later, off out now

  5. This with bells on. Annoys me to no end too.

    Herding Cats

  6. Ok, so I would go if I knew the road/timings/crossing (some near us are just on massive long timings and you'll be stood for ever when there's no cars coming for ages) and in London (I guess I'm just always in a rush), but people doing it with their kids is a bit ridiculous...says she whom thinking back has likely pushed the buggy across in town where there's been no cars around!!! May have to rethink now N's getting older and I should be teaching him these things. First is getting him to hold my hand when there's cars around and this when he's crossing roads.

  7. Well said my lovely, Hope you are well xxx