Thursday, 21 June 2012

Getting Rid of Those Bingo Wings with Slendertone Arms

As I had such good results with the Slendertone Ab they have also sent me the Slendertone Arms £39 to try out.

Slendertone System Arms Female is a clinically proven arm toner that targets the tricep (triceps brachii) muscles in the upper arm

I have very flabby arms so was really excited about receiving them.

It comes with two arm sleeves (my term), 4 hydrogel electrodes, travel pouch and instructions.  It doesn’t come with the Systems Controller so if you haven’t got another Slendertone product you will need those as well.

It’s really easy to set up, just follow the instructions to add the hydrogel electrodes pads to the arm sleeves.  Connect to the Systems Controller and put the sleeves on. Points are marled on the sleeves to ensure you put them on correctly and away you go.

You start with beginner, then intermediate and then advanced. You control the intensity level; the aim is to increase this each time.

The instructional manual comes with a suggested 30 day plan which is great if you are new to Slendertone. You have to do 5 sessions a week for the first 4 weeks and then just 3 times a week after that.

 You can really feel your muscles working, though it does make my fingers twitch.

Results are promised after 6 weeks, I have high hopes for this!

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  1. Have you noticed any change ? I have bingo wings and are desperate to get rid of them...:-(