Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Through The Dark Times

This months Mental Health Carnival is being hosted at Touch & Tickle. The lovely Sheonad has come up with some prompts for anyone that is stuck.

I have chosen a prompt for my post: 

Do you have a mantra/quote/song that got you through a dark time?

I know you're shocked right I am going to write about Music and Mental Health!

I have written before about my 'theme tune' my latest is Dance Without Sleeping by Melissa Etheridge (hence the blog name if you didn't already know).

I use music to help me through the tough times, I like having something to escape into and find that music helps sooth my soul. I often find it hard to explain how I am feeling, especially while I am inside the darkness. 

In 2007 I had my worse bout of depression it was actually when I finally diagnosed as having depression. I had a lot of time off work and found myself alone at lot.  There were two tracks I listened too over and over again.

One was Grace Kelly by Mika and the other was How to Save a Life by The Fray. It was all over the radio and I suppose I was hoping would come and save me.  

It's funny what songs speak to you and provoke a reaction. You can always tell my mood from the music I am playing.

What track to do listen to when you're in need?

I shall leave you will How to Save a Life, oh and its not too late to submit a post!

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