Thursday, 12 April 2012

Crash and Burn

I am ill again for the 5th time already this year. I have cystitis which I know is not serious or life threatening but after a virus two weeks ago were I lost my voice plus sinusitis a few months before that my body is ready to give up.

I am tired mentally and physically and in dire need of a holiday which thankfully is soon.  I have spent the last year working my butt off to make a success of my blogs and freelance work, travelled around the country and of course been a mum and all that entails.

I can feel myself slipping into the darkness and if I am not careful I am going to get sucked in and then we are in real trouble.

Mental Health wise I have been good for a while now but if I am not careful and don’t look after myself it’s really easy for me to slip into depression without even realising it.  I have to look after my mental health as well as my physical health. It’s actually taken me a long time to realise that!

I have a habit of working, working, working and then I crash and burn and as I get older it gets harder to recover.  It started when I went back to college at 21 and at times had 3 jobs plus classes!!  I did that for almost 5 years as I moved on a degree and I got to the point where something had to give and I had to drop some work, tighten my budget and give myself some time. Working 7 days a week is not good for you.

So from Friday I am taking a 3 week break from my blogs, I am going to schedule some posts in and then switch off the emails.  I still have other work to do and then I am actually away on holiday for a little while and will (try to) take a social media break for at least a week and recharge.

I am holding on for dear life trying not to slip into the abyss. 

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Meet and Greet

I am off to Blog Camp and Cybher this year and they both have meet and greets. I am cheating slightly as I can’t be bothered to write two so I merging them!

Name: Carol

Twitter: @caroljs

My Blog’s About:  Depends which one you read! Music, Mental Health, Parenting, Food
Likes:  Chocolate, Coffee and Cupcakes (My 3 C’s)

Dislikes:  Rudeness, mayonnaise, soaps (apart from Hollyoaks)

Height : 5'3"

Hair : Shortish, redish brown with flecks of grey (though they will be hidden for the conferences

Five things you should know about me...

1. I am obsessed with Bon Jovi (I flew to Washington DC to see them)
2. I have 4 tattoos and a nose stud
3. I have a beautiful daughter who is 3 years old
4. I’m a hugger
5. I’m actually quite shy so please say hello

You can find the Blog Camp meet and greet here and the Cybher meet and greet here

Monday, 2 April 2012

Music Monday - Baby Love

I feel like I haven't done a proper music post in forever. Its mainly because work takes precedent at the moment and I just don't seem to find the time to write here any more.  Plus I am losing inspiration, I really need a holiday.

Anyway on Sunday we were watching Top of The Pops 2 and BG started dancing along in front of the TV just like I did when I was little. It really made me happy to see her bopping along trying to the dance moves.

This was the first one she danced to so this what we are starting the week with.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I've been blogging 3 years now and for the most part I love it. I finally found something that I enjoy doing and I am quite good at but every now and then I get the urge to delete it all and run away.

I currently have 4 of my own and I have to admit its getting hard to work on them all and my freelance work. I only work about 20 hours a week and priority goes to me freelance we some weeks leave me little time for the others. The issues I have is that I actually make money from my blogs so I don't want to give it up but sometimes it gets overwhelming and I get a little head in sand like.

I keep thinking to myself that this could all end tomorrow and people will stop reading what I write and forget all about me. Can you tell I have abandonment issues!

Would people really miss me if I wasn't here in the bloggosphere? Would someone else just take my place?

I have really lost my confidence and inspiration at the moment and I'm not sure where to find it.

If you see it send it back please.