Friday, 16 March 2012

Best Gift Ever!

As a blogger that write reviews I get send quite a lot of goodies and presents. I actually had to explain to the UPS guy that has been to my house everyday this week that I don't spend my days shopping I write a review blog.

There have been some great parcels this week including Jaffa Cakes but the best gift I got this week was this...

BG made them at pre-school and she was so exited to give them to me. I very impressed she managed to keep it a secret as well.

I am one happy mummy. 


  1. Bless! I helped my daughter make a Mother's Day card at soft play today..seemed rather odd but she wanted to join in.

  2. So cute. Makes me look forward to the days when F brings me little treats (that don't involve the inner contents of nappies).

  3. Awwww that's very sweet,enjoy your day

  4. These are just the best, makes being a mother so worthwhile x