Monday, 20 February 2012

4 Week Slender Tone Challenge - Weeks 1 & 2

I have been slightly useless of keeping you up to date weekly about my progress so I thought I would do weeks 1 &2 together and then weeks 3 & 4.

Week 1

The first thing you I had to do was work out how to use the Slender Tone Abs which is actually quite simple.

You have a belt that goes around your tummy.

You attach gel pads to in the inside of the belt so they charge can be applied to area.

You then attach the unit to the belt

Then choose your intensity level!

I started low on my first session and only went up to an intensity 30 which is what they recommend for the first one. You then increase the strength as you progress.

You also work through the different programmes; you start with Initiation and work through the 7 programmes. The unit will do this for you.

It is recommended for the first 4 weeks you do 5 sessions a week and the  you drop to 3 sessions.  Don’t do all 5 in a row make sure you have rest days. There is a sample plan in the instruction booklet which I have been following.

By the end of week one I got up to an intensity of 80, I over did it when I went from 55 one day to 75 the next and my abs did ache a lot. You can feel it working while you wear it and you can feel it afterwards.
I haven’t really noticed a difference after 1 week but I wasn’t expecting to.

Week 2

This week have a increased my intensity more slowly as the programmes increase in length and strength. I got up to 100 which I am happy with.

I measured my stomach at the end of week 2 and have lost an inch which I am over the moon with. Especially as I have had a bad diet week. I wasn’t expecting a result so quickly.

Let’s hope the rest of the challenge goes as well!

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