Thursday, 23 February 2012

3rd Birthday Giveaway!

Earlier today I told you it’s my 3rd Blogging birthday well to celebrate I have a giveaway!!
There are three prizes so I will choose 3 winners to win a prize each.

As I mentioned earlier today I freelance as a blogger and VA and two of my fabulous clients ACEinspire and Kids One Stop Shop have donated a prize each as well as a prize from Little Creative Days.

The prizes are:

Access to ACEInspire’s Advanced Blogging Library worth £29

A bottle of Champagne from Kids One Stop Shop

A kit of your choice from Little Creative Days 

I am testing out rafflecopter so hopefully this works! (Read the instructions properly especially the tweet one there is a tweet button to press)

 Good Luck

My 3rd Blogging Birthday!

3 years ago today I started blogging and oh my what a 3 years it has been.  I wrote a blog called New Mummy for two years before I decided I had outgrown it and started Dance Without Sleeping a year today. It was a huge risk to start a new blog, New Mummy was reasonably successful. It had a large following, ranked quite highly in tables and was even one the Independents Top 50 Parenting Blogs!  (If you don’t like bragging I would stop reading now, it’s only going to get worse)

I don’t regret for one minute starting this blog and ending New Mummy, I feel much freer now to write what I want. Before I felt I had to write about being a mum and I set myself silly rules like no reviews etc and it was oppressive. Now I don’t feel the pressure to write and if you read New Mummy you see I post a lot less but I’m ok with that. I write when I want to not when I think I should. 

The last 12 months has been amazing for me, I’m not saying there haven’t been some bad times. There is failed business idea and bouts of depression but on the whole it’s been really positive.

I won the MAD Blog Award for Post of the Year with my post Hello My Name Is Carol and I have Depression and yesterday I was notified I have been nominated for a Mums Clubs Business Award!!

Work has gone from strength to strength for me this year and in the last 6 months it has really taken off. For those of you that don’t know what I do, I making money from blogging and offering Professional Blogging Services which include VA Services.  I know some people scoff when I say I make money from blogging but I really do! My blogs New Mummy’s Tips, Parent Panel and Make it, Bake it make up part of my business and I run them as one they are not personal blogs and bring in half of my income. The other half of my business is my freelance blogging and VA services.

I love what I do and I am so fortunate that blogging has brought me so many amazing experiences and the opportunity to make a living doing something I really enjoy on my own terms!

So what will the next year bring me? Who knows but I have a feeling it’s going to be good!
(PS I have a little blogging birthday giveaway coming up later!)

I will leave you with my favourite track from the last year.

Monday, 20 February 2012

4 Week Slender Tone Challenge - Weeks 1 & 2

I have been slightly useless of keeping you up to date weekly about my progress so I thought I would do weeks 1 &2 together and then weeks 3 & 4.

Week 1

The first thing you I had to do was work out how to use the Slender Tone Abs which is actually quite simple.

You have a belt that goes around your tummy.

You attach gel pads to in the inside of the belt so they charge can be applied to area.

You then attach the unit to the belt

Then choose your intensity level!

I started low on my first session and only went up to an intensity 30 which is what they recommend for the first one. You then increase the strength as you progress.

You also work through the different programmes; you start with Initiation and work through the 7 programmes. The unit will do this for you.

It is recommended for the first 4 weeks you do 5 sessions a week and the  you drop to 3 sessions.  Don’t do all 5 in a row make sure you have rest days. There is a sample plan in the instruction booklet which I have been following.

By the end of week one I got up to an intensity of 80, I over did it when I went from 55 one day to 75 the next and my abs did ache a lot. You can feel it working while you wear it and you can feel it afterwards.
I haven’t really noticed a difference after 1 week but I wasn’t expecting to.

Week 2

This week have a increased my intensity more slowly as the programmes increase in length and strength. I got up to 100 which I am happy with.

I measured my stomach at the end of week 2 and have lost an inch which I am over the moon with. Especially as I have had a bad diet week. I wasn’t expecting a result so quickly.

Let’s hope the rest of the challenge goes as well!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dear Film Makers

Last night I went to see The Woman in Black is was good, I spent half the time jumping and the other half whispering “that’s not in the book”, “the story has been changed”.

I get very annoyed when you change to story; I don’t mean the little bits to make it screen friendly I mean totally change the ending type changes. It really pisses me off and makes me not want to see book adaptations. Please stop messing with the original story so much, the reason it’s a good book is the story line when you change it for me the story loses something. That something that makes it special.

While I have your attention please stop remaking old movies, the reason that they are popular classics is that people like them the way they are.  When Footloose was recently remade I as so angry I almost had a tantrum like a toddler. It is a fantastic film with a great cast that works together mixed with an amazing 80’s soundtrack why mess with that? Why?

Please put your energy into finding original ideas and stop wasting time remaking films that don’t need remaking.

Thank You

A very grumpy Carol. 

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

This Week I am Mainly Listening To...

It has just been released and I am loving it. I find her voice incredibly soothing, its the perfect chill out music and is great back ground music to work to. 

You can also turn it up really loud and sing along to it.

I shall leave you with the tittle track from her new album Born to Die.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

4 Week Slender Tone Challenge- Week 1: a Big None Starter

Week one has been a big fat fail for me. It was wrong time of the month and we have been ill, so I only managed 1 session.

I am starting a fresh and will give you a proper update next week.