Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mental Health and American Idol

I love a bit of American Idol, yes its trashy TV but I do think the Americans do it bigger and better.

There are often sob stories from the contestants which always make me cry but every now and  then there is one story that really touches me.

Shelby Tweten is 17 and suffers with Bipolar Disorder and instead of hiding it or being made to be ashamed she told the world what she goes through. Its not an easy thing to tell people that you have a mental health problem let alone millions of people and its even harder when you are a teenager. 

She is an incredibly brave girl and honest girl. "Being bipolar doesn't define who you are" how right she is.

Not only is she brave but she is any amazing singer so I will leave Shelby to tell her story and sing her song.


  1. Yup, have to agree, 17 is incredibly young and brave to come out so publicly about bi polar.

  2. It's sounds 'wrong' to say it, but the fact that she is pretty and young, really shows how this disease can affect everyone. Good on her for being so brave.