Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Artrocker Awards 2011

This Friday will the see the  inaugural Artrocker Awards Ceremony 2011 and live show at XOYO.

It looks like its going to be an amazing event with a live show in the evening featuring Gruff Rhys, The Computers, Jesus & Mary Chain, Jim Jones Revue, Gary Numan, Tim Burgess, Tribes, Ade Fenton. The evening gig is open to the public and tickets can be purchased for £15 from XOYO.

I can make the awards myself but will be sending a roving reporter so we shall have all the news from the day.

You can find the list of nominations on Artrocker's website.

Good luck to all the nominees!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Music Monday - 5 Years!

Today is mine and OH's 5 anniversary. We are not married and don't plan to be so we celebrate the anniversary of our first date.

He took me to a see a British film called Mischief Night, not heard of it? I'm not surprised it wasn't very good! We went for a drink after the film and then he drove me home and we then sat in car until the early hours of the morning talking and well we've been together ever since.

I have managed to track down the soundtrack to the film and this was the best choice.

Happy anniversary!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mental Health Carnival

Welcome to the Mental Health Carnival.

I think it’s really important to share our Mental Health experiences so that 1) people know they are not alone and 2) people understand what it’s like to experience Mental Health issues. It’s not all hearing voices in your head and covering things in tin foil!

Mental Health issues are complex and not always easy to talk about. It can be hard to explain to people that have not experienced it what it’s like. So I decided to hold a little carnival to give others a chance to share their stories.

As it’s my carnival I will start will my latest post, How Do You Stop Your Depression Effecting Your Child?. I wrote this after a small breakdown last week.

These next two posts are both on body image; Rosie discusses The Effects Of Advertising On Our Children.  Watch the moving video she has shared.

Sandy has written an emotional post called The Little Girl and the Diet. This a very brave post about her eating disorder.

Ella at Purplemum has written about Coping with Depression, something I can relate to.

Kelly explains in Snapshots how she realised she was suffering with Post Natal Depression and how it affects her.

 Anna from Dummy Mummy is going the dilemma of making the decision to come off her anti-depressants now she is pregnant. She has a tough choice to make in the Depressive and the Pea.

Multiple Mummy has written a post from the view point of someone has worked in a Mental Health hospital.  She writes Just Because You Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean it’s Not There.

I want to thank all the ladies for sharing their stories with us, it’s not easy thing to do.

I would love this to be a regular feature so if anyone wants to host the next one let me know.

Image: Salvatore Vuono /