Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tesco Book Review - The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks

Tesco asked me if I wanted to help them with an experiment. They want to see if they could group books by feelings and moods rather than genre.

These moods are:

Books to Carry You Away
Books to Make You Think and Talk
Books to Turn Your Heart in Somersaults

I liked the idea of this so I choose a book from the Books to Turn Your Heart in Somersaults section.

I choose The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks, I hadn’t heard about this book so had no preconceptions.

Without giving the while story away (as its quite short), The Notebook is a love story told through the Notebook and old letters which is read every day by Noah to his companion in an old people’s home.

It’s a simple story of lost and found love and the first half of the book is really emotional and you are desperate to find out more. Will they? Won’t they? Who will she choose? And it really does get your heart turning somersaults the way Nicolas Sparks describes their love and their first meeting after many years apart.

However the story in the Notebook ends on a cliff-hanger (which is exciting) and then the rest of the story is told through letters and Noah’s memories and it doesn’t work as well. I found it really disappointing rather than bittersweet which is what I think the author is going for.

It is a lovely story and the first half does make your heart turn somersaults but the second half was a real disappointment.

This book gets 3 out of 5 from me.

The Notebook is available from Tesco Books for £3.86

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