Monday, 17 October 2011

Music and Mental Health Carnivals

As this blog tends to be about either music or mental health I thought I would run some carnivals and see what the rest of you have to say on the subjects!

Mental Health Carnival - 1st November

It can be on any aspect of mental health, I'm not fussy! I will need submissions by Saturday 29th October.

Music Carnival - 6th December

Again it can be on any aspect of music, what you like, what you hates, gigs you've been too, ones you wished you been too.

I would like submissions by Saturday 3rd December.

You can email them to me at

I am really looking forward to your posts. 

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  1. Hello Carol! I shall try and write a post for you about PND if that's ok? Will send it to you when I have written it or is it ok to post it on my blog first? I've not written a post for anyone else before! Sarah x

  2. Hi Sarah, yes write it on your blog first and then just send me the link x

  3. Darn. Have just realised I've missed the deadline. Sorry. I am going to write it anyway and will send it, but please don't worry about using it as I missed your date. My apologies. Sarah x