Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Having a Child is Not Easy

In a few short months BG will be 3, I can’t believe I will have been a mum for 3 whole years! The journey has not been easy by all means and I am sure I have tougher times to come. I was really lucky that I fell pregnant quickly with BG, we decided Christmas Day, started trying in the New Year and she was born in November. No endless tests, ovulation calendar or waiting for us and for that I will always be truly grateful.  

Before you go off me I did have a horrendous pregnancy that started with a bit of nausea and ended with Gestational Diabetes and a whole host of pregnancy *niggles* along the way. Some days the only thing that kept me going was reading several pregnancy week by week guides. I read the ones in magazines, books and online just to make sure that everything was normal.

The birth wasn’t a piece of cake either. They tried to induce me early but BG wasn’t ready to be born so after 3 days if trying she was born by c-section. Then of course I have a child that doesn’t want to breastfeed! Only a few days old and already Miss Independent, feeding on her own terms.

Of course it’s not all bad there are some great bits about pregnancy.  All that shopping, buying the perfect things for your baby.  Choosing the name and find the name meanings, BG means ‘great and mighty’ which is spot on.

And the best thing of all is getting to old your baby for the first time, nothing can take that feeling away no matter how tired you where.

You then get to witness all the firsts, good and bad. We are currently in tantrum territory; I have to admit it’s a really draining time for us.  

BG has decided that 4am-5am is an acceptable wake up time and no matter what we do we can’t seem to change it. It is not fun! OH gets up with her for a few hours then swaps me, which means long days and a lack of support for me in the mornings with her which makes my days super long at the moment. Just praying that it won’t last long.

It won’t will it?

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