Sunday, 21 August 2011

Arms Dealers at the Park

After a rather wet start to the day I decided to take BG to the park to the park for the afternoon.

In the past few months BG's confidence has really grown and she love to talk and interact with other children, especially the older ones.

Today two boys who were 6 and 7 were playing shops underneath the slide, BG asked is she could play and they said yes. I normally move her away from the older children as I don't want her to annoy them plus at only 2  3/4 she is too young to play most of their games. As they were playing shops I let her play ( I was right next to them), what I didn't realise was it was a weapon and food shop (their words) and to be honest I was really shocked.

BG was being the shop keeper and they has for "rocket launchers" "old styles rifles" and "smokeless grenades" how do they know this stuff??

I very quickly moved BG on the slide and then the swings as I was not comfortable with her 'selling' guns and weapons. She kept wanting to go back and play and eventually I took her to get a ice cream, when we came back they were still there. She immediately ran over to play,  with them so I had to do some fancy footwork and got her to play on something else.

BG didn't understand what they were asking for and in the future I will be keeping her away from the older children.  

Even now I feel uncomfortable at the thought of such young boys basically playing 'Arm dealers'. 

Am I overreacting? 

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  1. As you say, how on earth do they know this stuff exists, doesn't sound like the stuff you get on Ben 10. Worrying indeed.

  2. I reckon they've been playing inappropriate computer games. Whether anyone thinks you're over-reacting doesn't matter, if you're not comfortable then it's your call. I worry as of course they'll come across all sorts of talk in the playground at school - I think that if you're answering questions honestly (but age-appropriately) and not watching violent films etc at home, they'll probably turn out fine!

  3. Actually, I have to disagree with you. My boys are 7 and 5 and know all about rocket launchers, hand grenades and such like. It's what little boys do/know/play.

    My boys don't have Xboxes/watch violent films etc etc but they do love playing soilders/cops and robbers/with guns.

    I have never bought them a gun but they make them out of sticks/fingers etc. Eventually someone will buy them a nerf gun or something for their birthday.

    It is just what little boys do I'm afraid.

    Consequently, my little Pixie also goes around with a "gun" saying "got you, bang"

  4. I agree, my boys 10 and 3 are exactly the same as Super Amazing Mum's. Obviously the 3 year old copies the 10 year old and I really don't like them playing soldiers. I don't think they would got to the extent of being arms dealers but they love playing army! I think it is just in their nature, hunter/gather and all that. I too would have moved mine away as I think that is a bit much.