Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm Scared

I have lost my blogging mojo! I keep thinking of great posts to write but when I come to do it they just fall out of my head or realise they are terrible posts (well more terrible than normal).

I have decided to be a super lazy blogger and recycle some post from my creative writing blog (which has barely been touched). So I will leave you will my bad attempt at poetry.

I’m scared I’m a bad mother
I’m scared I’ll turn into mine

I’m scared people with laugh
I’m scared they won’t read it

I’m scared I won’t reach my full potential
I’m scared I already have

I’m scared you won’t love me forever
I’m scared you will

I’m scared I’m not enough
I’m scared I’m too much

I’m scared I’ll fail
I’m scared I’ll succeed

I'm scared to be heard
I'm scared I'll be ignored

I’m scared to try
I’m scared what will happen if I don’t

I’m scared I’ll disappoint you
I’m scared I all ready do

I’m scared to let go
I’m scared if I don’t what will happen

I’m scared I will always be bitter
I’m scared to forgive

I’m scared that you might leave me
I’m scared that I won’t stay

I’m scared to cry
I’m scared to laugh

I’m scared of what might be inside me
I’m scared I can’t let it out

I’m scared every minute of every day. 


  1. I know that feeling, which is why when I saw this on twitter I had to come and see. Great poem, so true, that we are always scared. I read something that said live every day as if it were your last, it's very hard/impossible to do, but it removes a tiny bit of fear I think.
    Love the idea of a creative writing blog :)

  2. Your post caught my eye on twitter @babychoes and I've just looked on netmums for the first time to look at writing my own blog - and I saw yours. Small world .... Happy mojo hunting.

  3. You will get it back, you rock. I hear you in your poem. The first two lines I pray about every day x

  4. I feel like this now and then - it will return and then your poor fingers will be exhausted from all the typing x

  5. The poetry is awesome. I really enjoyed it. You're a great blogger you know it and I'm sure whatever is in the way will eventually clear. Your Mojo will soon re-appear so start the count down.

  6. I get like that too! Hope you find it again soon.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments