Friday, 17 June 2011

A Song for My Dad

I've spent so much time writing about how crap my mother is that I forget to tell people how amazing my dad is.

He's not amazing just because he takes me to gigs, the theatre or taken me on great holidays in the past but because he has always been there for me and my sister. 

He is supportive and non judgemental, letting us find our own way but always there to support and guide us when we needed it.

He is always a phone call away, no matter what time zone he has been in. 

He's the kind of dad that when you say in passing you are thinking about a day trip somewhere will call you back 3o mins later with train times and a list of things you could do.

He is thoughtful and has an amazing knack for getting the perfect gift. 

He knows absolutely everything, he really does you want him on your quiz team. 

Even though me youngest brother and sister have a different dad he has never forgotten them on their birthdays or Christmas and when they were younger he would buy them gifts on his trips so they wasn't left out. 

He is a fantastic Granddad and even though he is now living in Scotland  most of the time he makes sure he visits at least once a month to see his grandchildren.

It was hard choosing a song for my dad, I could have gone soppy but that's not really his thing. I get my musical taste from him and have been fortunate to have been taken to many concert with him, actually I am off to see Bon Jovi with him next week.

My dad is a rocker at heart so it had to be a AC/DC track...


  1. A good Dad is worth the world :)

  2. Love it darling and so will he - just as he adores you and your sis!!

  3. Beautiful. A lovely tribute to a wonderful father. x