Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cybermummy Pros and Cons

As you probably know I attended the Cybermummy conference on Saturday, the word of the day was 'overwhelming'. I attended it last year and this year it was definitely bigger though I can't say it was better.

I've been trying to write this post for hours but It keeps coming out a bit moany which is not my   intention. So I thought I would approach this like I would any review so here are my pros and cons


  • You get to be in a building with 400+ amazing women
  • Keynote Crowdsourced speakers. Very glad it wasn't me this year I think I was have struggled with so many people. They all did a fantastic job and either left my crying or laughing like a hyena 
  • Meeting old friends and making new ones 
  • The chance to interact with PR and Brands
  • The Recharge Room
  • The Venue
  • Blogger to Blogger Inspiration workshop
  • Legal Workshop
  • Lovely food
  • Naked Wines table
  • Very well organised
  • Sarah Brown's talk which was very inspiring
  • Far too many people, I missed so many people last year and even more this year
  • Goody bags thrusted in our hands before we had even registered
  • Having to fight through PR/Brands stalls to get to the refreshments
  • The PR Passport. I have no problem with interacting and approaching brands I felt slightly annoyed that I had to go around and get my passport signed ( I did because I want to be entered into the prize draw). What was even more frustrating was when approaching them instead of trying to engage with me the first thing they asked was "do you want me to sign your passport?", no what I really wanted you to do was connect and see if we could work together 
  • Not enough seating for breaks and lunch
  • Most of the workshops were basic, great if you a new blogger but useless for old timers like me. 
  • Speakers not understanding about blogging.
  • Being told after each session and break it had been sponsored by some brand.
I left Cybermummy with huge bags of swag feeling very overwhelmed and disappointed. I was hoping to come away inspired with ideas to move my blogs to the next level and they didn't happen. 

I have no problem with working with brands, the majority of my blogs feature reviews but it was all a bit too in your face for me. 

I think they did a wonderful job putting it all together but it was a bit style over substance.


  1. Interesting reading your pro's and cons. I'm new to blogging and have heard so much about Cybermummy 11, and looking to attend next year.

  2. heard that phrase a lot! Glad I got to see you however fleetingly!

  3. Yes I agree with your review, I did enjoy it but felt a few speakers where not really in touc with blogging. Really nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

  4. Hi there, I think I passed you on Saturday but didn't get to speak. You've summed up a lot how I felt. Conversely, I was annoyed by the sales pitch I was getting at some stands when all I wanted was my passport signed!

  5. I really enjoyed this post & I'm glad you managed to write it even though it was tricky. For me, it was good as I'm fairly new to all the 'how to run a blog' business but you'll see from my post about it that I left feeling quite unsettled too.

  6. I agree - I think everything was a little 'over sponsored', I know they have to make money, but it was all a little (as you say ) style over substance.

  7. Interesting list of pros and cons. It was great to see you and yes I can understand it wasn't geared towards pros but I did get a lot out of it. x