Thursday, 30 June 2011


I have decided I have far too many blogs and its getting really time consuming trying to keep up with them all. So I have decided to consolidate some of them. 

Make it, Bake it is going on the back burner again I think it has real potential I just don't have time to dedicate to it at the moment. I will be recycling some of the posts on New Mummy's Tips.

When I was going through my identity crisis with New Mummy I started a blog called A Little Place for Me To Write where I did some creative writing and wrote about my depression. I don't want to have rules on this blog, I want to be free to write and post random things as the mood takes me so that's what I will be doing from now on. I *may* also recycle some of those posts on here. There is a story a started thanks to Josie's writing workshop and I would like to carry it on. Not for one minute I ever think I could be a published author but I really enjoy the challenge of fiction. Though I have been published don't ya know! 

My next project is to get my blogger job board Find The Right Person back online, I had a soft launch and got some feedback on it (some not to me directly) so I have a lovely lady building a little site for me and it should be ready to go middle of next month.

I also want to write an e book this year on making money from blogging, so very excited about that!

So watch this space for random posts and updates on my projects!

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  1. Good luck at sorting it all out!

  2. Your book sounds great and one to be on my list :)Some times a re-shake is what you need. Not that I know about that on the blogging side but other work things!!!

  3. I wish I was clever like you!!! Good luck with it all!!