Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Are You a 'Mummy Blogger'?

Are you worried you are a 'Mummy Blogger'?

Do you secretly wish you were one?

Take the Dance Without Sleeping 'Mummy Blogger' test to see if you are.

Which statements that best describe you?

  • Have you got Mum, Mummy, Mother, Mama, Mom in your blog name?
  • Is 75% or more of you content about being a Mum, your child/children or you family? *Give your self an extra yes if you have ever written about weaning, teething, nappies, potty training or your child's routine.
  • Do you attend 'Mummy Blogger' events?
  • Do you write reviews on toys, baby/child products or cleaning equipment?
  • When a Brand/PR asks for 'Mummy Bloggers' to take part in a campaign or attend an event do you put yourself forward?
  • Are you a Brand Ambassador with Mum/Mummy in the tittle? eg Dettol Mum, Mums On Three, Huggies Mum etc
  • Do you publicly denounce league tables but secretly add your blog and get really excited when your blog moves up the chart?
  • Are you a member of a 'Mummy Blogger' forum, group or blog hop?
If you have said Yes to 3 or more of these statement chance are you are a 'Mummy Blogger'

*This is not a scientific test
*Results may not be true
*Not for intended for those without a sense of humour 
*I'm a mummy blogger and proud! (added 8.09pm 07/06/11)

Image: Jeroen van Oostrom / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Oops, that's me labelled then!

  2. Haaaaaa! I luv you lady! ;)

  3. I am proud to be labelled :)

  4. No. None of the above.
    Opps, I meant all of the above apart from the first one!

  5. lol. I only got 2 yesses. Can I be one any way?

  6. Erm...... Looks like I am then! Who's gonna tell me off...?

  7. Stick a label on me and call me a Mummy Blogger. Damn, was going for Blogging Enthusiast! :p

  8. Oh dear, I am beyond help....

  9. Looks like that defines me too!

  10. My name is Lisa, and I am a Mummy Blogger

  11. I'm a proud mummy blogger, although it has made me an addict to pushchairs and strollers... not a healthy addiction!

  12. I'm proud to be a mummy blogger, but I do blog about books and writing too. x

  13. Loud and proud here as well. Love it!

    Mich x