Sunday, 26 June 2011

5 Random Facts from Cybermummy 11

I have a proper post running through my head about Cybermummy 11, actually there are a few but I am far to tired to write them tonight. I thought instead I would share 5 random facts.

1. Just like there is a blogging community there is also a spam community. They share knowledge on blogs that allow spam comments so protect yourself

2. Sarah Brown is not 'ordinary' but she is 'normal'

3. Jay aka @cosmicgirlie is just as bossy in real life as she is on twitter

4. The way to a mummy bloggers heart is not free swag but with fizzy pop and chocolate

5. Mummy bloggers know how to have fun and party!


  1. Are you calling me bossy? Sweet and innocent little old me??


  2. ROFL! Totally agree about Jay :P

  3. Lol about Jay!!! God bless the lovely people giving away chocolate and pop without whom I would never have made it through the day :-) xx

  4. Yay, I was so good resisting all those goodies yesterday! Lovely to see you again. Mich x

  5. agree! The chilled soft drinks being given away by the video gaming crew got me through the afternoon!!