Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Toot Toot - I'm a Finalist In the MAD Blog Awards!!

MAD Blog Awards 2011When I started blogging just over two years ago I had no expectations at all. It seemed a good idea at the time and like most decisions I make I didn't put a lot of thought into it, I just did it.

The most amazing things have happened to me since I started blogging. I have made some great friends, been to some great places, sent some lovely products and have written for some fabulous blog. 

I have also been able to crafty a little bit of the internet just for me and my *ahem* several blogs. I have found my voice and have been able to be honest with myself about my depression.

I have also been very fortunate to be able to make a living from what I do and work with some fantastic people.

Last year my very first blog New Mummy was shortlisted for Best Baby Blog in the very first MAD Awards and even though I didn't win it was an honour to be shortlisted and I had a great time at the awards. It has without a doubt opened a few more doors for me and given me a lot of confidence in what I do.

In the past year the amount of mum and dad blogs has increased by a huge amount and I thought I wouldn't be in with a chance of a nomination let alone be a finalist again. Well imagine my shock when I saw my blog (and face) in the Best Post of the Year category! ( Sponsored by Sodastream)

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you that nominated me, now can you please vote!! ;)

My post Hi My Name is Carol and I Have Depression is the post that have made the finals. I haven't been writing this blog very long so it really makes me proud that my post touches people.

Now of course the MADs are all about celebrating blogs and I am not the only blog that has made the finals. I am up against four amazing bloggers and I urge you to go and read their posts as well and make your decision. 

The other finalists are:

Baby Budgeting - My Mum Was The Best Storyteller 

Metal Mummy - I thought I'd Seen it All, then I saw Tapoo 

The Five F's - Broken?

Very Bored in Catalunya - Parenting - Its as simple as ABC

The Misssy M Misssives - The Chiropractor Story

Enjoy the posts and don't forget to vote

I leave you will the Dixie Chicks and The Long Way Around (story of my life)