Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday Song - Park Life

I realise I have been a crap blogger recently, part of this is that I am super busy with my freelance work and other projects. I have also lost my mojo when it come to writing a personal blog and I am having quite a lot of fun doing my music posts.

I know they aren't to everyone's liking but I love sharing tracks and stories about them with you. Its ones of the few things I brought over to this new blog from New Mummy. I started writing a Soundtrack to My Week post in March 2010 and its developed into a musical week.

Friday Song is a song to reflect your week, this used to be Soundtrack to My Week. 

This week has been an odd one, the bank holidays have me all over the place so I have been trying to catch up, plan the next month and keep a very activate toddler amused.

This week our local park re-opened after a big make over (pics to come). We have spent hours there this week and BG loves the new look. Its really toddler friendly now. 

So my Friday Song is....

Park Life by Blur 

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