Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tuneful Tuesday - I have a feeling that I can be someone

Tuneful Tuesday is about those songs that are so beautiful and emotional that they can stop you in your tracks.  Songs that bring back memories or make you stop and think. 

On our journey home from my sisters on Sunday we were listening to the charts. I was shocked but overjoyed when I heard this song had re entered the charts at number 4.  As soon as it started playing both me and OH reached over to turn it up.  This song was first realised in 1988 and even though I was only 8 at the time this song makes me stop, listen and sing along.

My favourite line from this song is "I have a feeling that I can be someone". Its a song of hopes and dreams.

I give you "Fast Car" by Tracey Chapman


  1. As always, another great song chosen by you! :0)

  2. My mum used to have this album... wonder what happened to her? (Tracy Chapman I mean, not my mum!). Same era as Tanita Tikarem, she disappeared without trace too.

  3. Nikki - Why thank you ;)

    Sarah - OMG forgot about her! Love twist in my sobriety!