Sunday, 6 March 2011

Taking Time To Read

Yesterday I read a whole book from start to finish, I can't remember the last time I did that. Actually I can't remember the last time I took time to sit down and just read. 

I used to read a lot, obviously having a child has restricted when I can read but its not a good excuse. I get so caught up with work and being online that I forget to take time to read and be inspired. 

I love how books can transport you to another time and place. I can forget about real life for a little while and immerse myself in someone else's life.

World Book Day and World Book Night this week inspired me to take some time out to read and yesterday instead on being online and instead of watching TV I read a book and boy it felt good.

BG and I also went to the library this week, again we hadn't been for ages. We were just in time for Story Time but BG really wasn't interested she just want to choose her books. I'm so glad she has my love of books, even when she makes me read the same story over and over again!

I'm going to try and make more time to read books, I know it won't happen every week but I am going to try and read a book a month.

How do you find time to read?


  1. I have taken little time to read books since I started blogging. Though I have been reading a lot of blogs instead.
    Funnily though I did order myself a new book on Amazon today!!
    Which book did you read then?

  2. I read alot , it is my faviroute past time. I am aiming reading at least 100 books this year and have 10 books a month planned. I am such a geek that yes i have the rest of my reading planned for the year :)
    I have an ebook reader which i find helps alot , it is much easier around the kids and can be carried with me all the time. I read during the day when playing with the kids ,sometimes we all snuggle up with books and most days we play mummy lies on the floor reading and they jump all over my back ( i also get a nice massage from it ) .
    I go for baths most nights and read and also read for an hour or so before bed .

  3. I read from my ipad kindle app in bed. Have just downloaded Jane Eyre to read... can you believe I've never read it before?
    I'm intrigued what the book was you got through in one day?

  4. I did this last year, made time to read. I now read a book a week and listen to a book a month. It's good for our children to see us read so that is my excuse for making time for it!

  5. I used to read so much but it's fallen by the wayside since having Baby Badger. I joined a book club. We meet once a month and I'm struggling to get that one book read! I think it's partly to do with the vast quantity of great blogs out there. Maybe I'll try getting books for kindle; that way they'll be on my phone and I might get round to reading during feeds.

  6. An ebook reader is definitely the way to go. I've got one on my phone which is easier for anywhere reading than a kindle or ipad. I get few opportunities to really sink into a book but the daily train journey is always there...

  7. I always read. I love to read and can't imagine not reading. My boys love having stories read to them and I love it too. A special moment. x

  8. @sarsm - I'm terrible now I'm online a lot

    @Laura - Wow 10 books a month!! I wish I could do anything without BG trying to rip it from my hands.

    @mariyn - I am waiting for a tablet to arrive so I can use that as a e reader. I read Jayne Eyre in School.

    @PippaD - as soon as I sit down with a book BG wants it

    @Motherbadger - i've gotten really bad at blog reading as well, I just find my self constantly working.

    @Vic - I think an e reader in the way to go. I miss commuting just for the fact I got to read!

    @SusanKMann - I used to read all the time. I read to BG a lot.

    The book I read was Sleeping Arrangements by Madeline Whickham who is Sophie Kinsella. Actually that should be the other way around. Her real name is Madeline and she write 7 books as her and then when she wrote the Shopoholics books they where so different from the books she had previously wrote she used a different name.
    It was only a short book about 300 pages but I enjoyed it.