Monday, 21 March 2011

In Limbo

I lay in bed at night unable to sleep and too tired to read or watch TV and wait very patiently for sleep to come. Sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it comes in fits and starts and sometimes it feels like it doesn't come at all. 

I lay there in limbo listening to OH snore and sounds outside my window keeping me awake and wish I could fall into a deep sleep before its time to get up and start the day with a very energetic two year old.

I've spent years suffering from bouts of insomnia. I have learnt to recognise that it rears it ugly head when my depression is at its worse. 

I am so tired at them moment, all I want to do everyday is sleep. I fell like I slept most of the weekend but I still felt tired and of course I couldn't sleep at night.

I have tried all the usual remedies, hot milk, lavender oil, no caffeine after 3pm and nothing works. 

I'm back at the doctors tomorrow, time to look at different medication I think.

I wonder what time I will fall asleep tonight. 

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  1. I actually suffer the opposite problem where I am tired nearly all of the time. Hope the doctor can help you with some different medication. Good luck!

  2. I don't know how music works for you, but for a little while I had a play list of tracks which I created just for me; I didn't have to listen to The Mr's snoring (every night without fail) and I was soothed (eventually) to sleep.

    It has it's drawbacks (earphones in until you wake up again and/or take them out), but I'll be honest - for a while it was the only thing that helped me sleep for a while.

    If you would like me to send you the tracks I used that helped me, you only have to give me a shout.

    Hoping you find some restful sleep soon. x

  3. There is little worse it seems than lying awake next to someone snoring away.

    Hope sleep embraces you tonight hun and you wake up rested.

    The only thing that has ever worked for me is Badger Sleep Balm. Have you tired it? Get OH to rub it into your temples and behind your ears, and a little under your nose so you can smell all the oils. Worth a go xx

  4. I do know how you feel, I am more than willing to have a chat with you and go over some coping mechanisms that work for me

  5. Massive hugs sweetie. Totally understand how you feel. We have so much to deal with and I lay awake most nights feeling like I have the weight of the world, while my OH snores away beside me.
    I hope you find what works for you soon.

  6. Hope you have some luck tomorrow at the docs sweetie, call me if you need ANYTHING at all. Can't wait for you to move closer x

  7. Hi. I am with you as a long-time insomnia sufferer. It's even worse with my two little ones as if I ever do manage to get to sleep someone seems to wake me up!

    The one thing that helps sometimes is writing a big list of everything on my mind and then writing down 'I don't need to deal with this now I will deal with this tomorrow' or something like that. Hope that helps (although you've probably tried that already!).

  8. i really hope you find a solution soon - sleep deprivation is nasty - have you tried yoga or meditation?

  9. Helen - Thank you

    Jay - I can listen to music any time except when I am sleeping! I sleep on my side and find the ear phones hurt. Thank you so much.

    Misslizzie - I will search it out thank you.

    TheMadHouse - Thank you Jen x

    Karen Jones - Tough isn't it!

    Carly Yenangah - Me either!!

    Mrs D - Funnily enough I have but thank you for the advice!

    Fat Mummy - I've tried meditation but no yoga. Thank will give it ago.