Thursday, 17 March 2011

How Do You Perceive Me? One Word Meme

I haven't been very well this week hence the lack of posts so when I was tagged with this meme me being the lazy blogger I am thought what an easy post!

The lovely Mummy Musings has tagged me in the One Word Meme. Basically I don't have to do much (see lazy blogger) you have to tell me how you perceive me using just one word!

I do have to tag 5 bloggers and I'm being really lazy and using their twitter Id's (sorry still ill!)



  1. Gorgeous and smiley (sorry, I know thats two) xx
    Already done this meme sweetie but thank you for tagging me xx

  2. I would say industrious!

    There are lots of lovely things I could say, but I'm 100% sure they will be said by others.

    I'd say industrious because you are always on the go, always working or working on a new project - I don't know where you get the energy. Hope you're better soon x

  3. Smashing! Not in the literal sense of course but wonderful, excellent, first class etc xx

  4. Compassionate, oh I can't do just one (my one word would be indecisive!) and caring and lovely and driven xxx

  5. Friendly.

    I've never actually met you but you're always so friendly on Twitter etc.

  6. Helpful - You've been such an inspiration to me and you were always there when I was just starting to write Mummy Alarm. Although, you are always busy with lots of different project, you've never let me down, no, you've always had an open ear and offered help and guidance when I was stuck. Thanks for just being gorgeous, hun xxx