Tuesday, 1 March 2011

British Mummy Blogger Carnival

This is the second time I have had to honour of hosting the BMB carnival. The first time was in September 2009 and I had 42 entries. 

This time I have a new blog and 58, yes 58 posts for you!!

So get a coffee and site back and enjoy!

Maggy at Red Ted Art Blog has been making Pretty 3D Felt Flowers.

Debbie at Motivating Mum wants to know How Do You Measure Growth?

Here is a great recipe for Babpatsa with Seeds from Jac at Tinned Tomatoes. If you are in a rush  then try Bangers and Mash for tired people  from Crumbs - Recipes to feed your family.

The NutureStore are showing us how to Audit Your Outdoor Space ready for the warmer weather. 

Homemade Mummy tell us What to Plant for 2011.  

Over at Tales from Windmill Fields we learn why she's never riding a bike again!

Tunbridge Wells Mums have been looking forward to their  Tunbridge Wells Mums in Business meeting.

Mummy Bean tells us about Becoming a Mumpreneur, the story so far..

While we are on the subject of Mumpreneurs have you met me over at Become a Mumpreneur. 

Ella at Notes from Home shares with us her Second Home

Emma a Mommy Has a Headache asks Is Modern Sex a Bed of Poses?

At In a Bun Dance, Ellen wants to know Is it time to send children out for a walk on the wild side?

Sandy at Baby Baby tells us about her feeling of fear and helplessness when The Earthquake in Christchurch hit.  Mymumdom tells us Why She's Crying Over Christchurch.

Rachel is Writing a film at Major Love of Film.

LLM Calling is a little concerned about her Dream Home

Liz at Me and My Shadow shares with us her strange love of Jelly Moulds!

Cass from The Diary of The Frugal Family, asks what's wrong with this picture?

Michelle from Mummy from the Heart wants to be a Firework!

Trying to Find the Brightside Today is Sara at Chocolate, Carbs and CMT. 

Its a Big Day for Kizzy at Mummy Needs. 

From Rat Racer to Homeworker tells us about Parenting and Homeworking and why its a good thing.

Simply Hayley is asking for advice on Mental Health and Pregnancy

A Bite at Nursery - How Would You React? Mellow Mummy tells us how she did.

Geekmummy Ruth tells us why high temperatures in babies should be taken seriously

Super Amazing Mum shares her Soundtrack of her life and tells about the time see met a Rolling Stone.

Poor Flea at Who's the Mummy is Sick, apparently she's delirious with fever. 

Karin at Cafe Bebe is having a Flashback Friday

Pippa at A Mothers Ramblings shares with us a video of BB Dancing On Bubblewrap. If you need cheering up, then this is the video for you!

See what's in Tiddlyompompom's Spam folder

I'm sure we can all relate with Young Mummy's Uniform on Young and Younger. 

Becky at Baby Budgeting has a video for all of those who stand by her

Book Reviews for mums tells us how we can help with Book Aid International.

At New Day New Lesson we learn how the Simplest of Gestures Can Have the Greatest Meaning

When I read Janis's from Mum Verses Kids story of the Wee Bead Room I laughed so hard I nearly had an accident!

Ebabee likes Turquoise Blue, 7 Cool Nursery Accessory and Furniture Idea 

Inspired Mum asks Who am I?

At Pants with Names they are questioning their decision to educate their boys through the state system

Rebecca at Two Become Four is saying Goodbye to the Garden.

Julie at Me, Him and Them tells us about the Boy and his Cat.

Very Bored in Catalunya has written Mummy Blogging for Dummies .

8 Letters, 3 words, 1 meaning ... or better left unsaid? asks Seasider in the City.

South Bristol Runner is Running the Race for Life with her daughter.

News Flash, Kirsty at Imperfect Pages agrees with the Daily Mail.

Teadrinking Mom tells us about pre-toddler tantrums and the challenge of achieving work/life balance in the USA 
Kate at the Five F's blog write an emotional post to her Brother.

Talking about my favourite subject Organising is Kerry at and Then All I Thought About Was You.

It's Memory Monday at Mummy's Shoes, Carly remembers her Nanny and Grandpa.

Susan K Mann asks Why is there boy and girls toys?

Amy at and 1 more means four...and one more shares with us her feelings about her daughter's severe speech delay.

Inspired by the Save the Children's Blogging Conference Karen at the Rubbish Diet at diet wonder if she was Born To Write Rubbish. Nova at Cherished by Me writes a moving post and  Jax at Making it Up has been left pondering Vaccinations.

Kelly at A Place of My Own is having a Rant and who can blame her.

Snaffles Mummy is playing I Spy.

Marilyn at Soft Thistle is saying Thank You for the help.

Its Birth Plan time for Carolin at Mummy Alarm.

Last but not least Liz at Living with Kids asks the age old question, How Can Rastamouse be  Racist?

That's your lot, I hope you enjoy them all as much as I did.

The next carnival is 15 March and will be held at Very Bored in Catalunya. Please email entries toveryboredhousewife@gmail.com


  1. Woweee that must have taken a while!

    Thanks for including me, off to do some reading now (but don't tell hubby as I'm in the office 'working') :-) x

  2. Ooo lots for me to work through later when its coffee and cake time!! Totally forgot to send you one across! Oops! x

  3. Wow that's a lot of reading I need to do, thanks for including me. x

  4. Excellent-looking reading list, thank you! Putting kettle on now...

  5. Haha, I bet I'll have had 20 coffees by the time I'm through all the posts. Thanks a lot for putting this carnival together and giving me lots of new blogs to discover. Hugs for including me, too, very much appreciated xxx

  6. Wow Carol, that is a carnival and a half. I know what I will be doing this evening then. Thanks, Mich x

  7. What a great carnival. I'll be heading to check. x

  8. Thanks for adding me! Will get reading now!

  9. This is going to keep me happy for ages. Thanks for including me!

  10. That's a huge carnival! Thanks for including me x

  11. I forgot about the carnival having gone live so am off to have a look at all the blog posts now! Thanks for including me too!

  12. Aaah congrats on the new blog!! And thank you so much for hosting the Carnival!!


  13. Thank you for including me, much appreciated! Love that I have reading for the weekend and a load of new blogs to follow xx

  14. Working my way through! I think you may have missed the link off the wee bead room...

  15. Wow thanks for taking the time putting together this fab list! I've already started working my way through but only about half way lol!

  16. What diverse offerings! Lucky you, I haven't managed to secure a carnival slot and it's booked up till next year or so!

  17. OOh thank you for hosting me! like the new blog!
    A lot of lovely reading to do too, super

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