Thursday, 24 February 2011

Its Carnival Time!!

The next British Mummy Bloggers Carnival is being held here on Tuesday 1st March.

There is no them, send you posts to me by Sunday 27th February  please.

A lot of new bloggers have been asking me what a Carnival is so I thought I would try to explain.

A blog carnival is a collection of posts hosted on someone's blog. It can be on any subject, I myself have taken part in the Carnival of Poo! Oh yes I have. 

Mellow Mummy is currently hosting a Teething Carnival on her blog, parents have sent in their teething stories and tips.

Jax at Making It Up is hosting a International Woman's Day Carnival and is looking for posts. 

All you do is email a direct link to the person who is hosting the carnival and they will do all the hard work.

Its a great way to find new blogs and new readers for your blog.

The BMB Carnival is held every two weeks by a different host. Sometimes the host sets a them but it is not necessary. If there is no theme you just send in your best post of the past 4 weeks. 

The only rule is no reviews, commercial or sponsored posts. 

So there is your very quick guide to Blogging Carnivals. I promised some of my friends of twitter I would pull together a post on weekly/monthly carnivals, memes, galleries etc watch this space for that.

While you are waiting for the new Carnival to go up, why not visit the latest at Bringing Up Charlie lots of great posts to read.

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  1. A fab way for your new blog to start. Will have a look for a suitable entry, thanks Carol.

    Mich x